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What Are the Features of American Poker V?

Users will come across several types of hands during the play. The hand with the minimum value is two pairs. Whenever users get this, it doubles their bet. If users are keen to get the biggest win they have to be on the search for a Royal Flush. This combination includes the five biggest cards of one suit and can award 800x the total bet.

Remember though, American Poker V is a slot game; if you prefer the real deal with online poker this is not the game for you. 

Given below are the remaining hands that users may try:

Two pair, three of a type, straight (five cards with successive ranks such as 3-4-5-6-7), flush (5 cards of similar suit), full house (three of type and two pair in the similar hand), four of type, straight flush (straight with five cards of similar suit), royal flush (ten, jack, queen, king along with ace of similar suit), and five of kind.

When users play a hand of American Poker V video poker, they need to make a wager to begin the hand. Next, users will get several options. They may abandon the hand and go on the next one. Otherwise, users may also make a bet equal to their original bet to move on to the draw. It is impossible to abandon all five cards and shift to the draw. If users find any of their cards from the deal are not worth holding, they may abandon the hand and lose their original bet.

What Are the Bonus Rounds in American Poker V?

American Poker V offers joker as a wild card. When it comes, it can be changed into whichever card improves your hand most. The game also offers Mini Bonus to enhance your wins. Every time user draws a pair of Queens, Kings, Aces, or Jacks, the Mini Bonus counter surges. When it arrives at 100.00, drawing another pair can activate the bonus and pays the amount gathered.

What Do We Like About American Poker V?

The feature that we liked most is that the paytable offers outstanding odds on maximum hands. With the help of a wild card, users can achieve rare hands. It has high volatility. The possible wins are effectively shown. Users can get 800x their total bet with a 5 of a kind hand.