The website of 777 has a nice retro feel to it. And it makes sense too, given the name of this online casino. Since the time slot machines first made their appearance, symbols of fruits and candies were most popular in those slot games. And the pride of place was also occupied by the numerical seven, usually in bright red color. 777 has a large number of gaming and entertainment options for you. That is why it is one of the biggest online casinos in existence. We do wish they had sports betting too, but there were enough other attractions we found that made our visit worth our while. So jump right into this review and enjoy the Las Vegas kind of experience as we take you through different aspects of 777.

777 India

You will see on the 777 India website that they are owned by a company called the 888 Group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. For Gibraltar, they have formed a holding company called Virtual Global Digital Services Limited. This company is incorporated in Malta. This company, in fact, also operates for all European single market countries. For the remaining European countries, a local licensee operates the services. All this information is available on the website, including registered addresses. Even specific information regarding Ireland is provided. But there is no specific mention of India anywhere. This is a bit surprising, considering the huge market for gaming in India today. Still, Indian players can still log on and play on the website easily.

777 Casino

The 777 Casino section is named Online Slots on the website, just so you know. When you get into this section, you will find their offerings listed under the following five sections:

  1. Classic Slots
  2. In-house Slots
  3. High Volatility
  4. Low Volatility
  5. Jackpot

We felt that this classification is more convenient than any other. You can choose which type of games you like best and go in. But the surprising thing was that there was not a single title listed under any of these five categories.

There could be possibly two reasons for this. The website might be very new and still, there might be some work in progress. The other thing is that we might have been having network issues and the complete page failed to load. The second reason seems unlikely, though, because we did see a small message clearly mentioning that there were no matches for our search.

They also have a welcome bonus, which you can get up to $200. But we’ll talk about it further down on this review.

777 Sports

Sadly, there isn’t a 777 Sports section. We were disappointed with the casino section, for sure. That is because the section was there but we found no games inside. But sports were an even bigger disappointment. That is because the website didn’t even have a sports betting section. That is disappointing, considering how popular sports betting is all over the world today. We hope that 777 will come up with sports betting sooner rather than later.

If you are a sports betting enthusiast, then 777 is not the portal for you. For now, at least! We have completed three segments of this review so far, and on all three we have been quite disappointed. Let us move on to the other segments now, and see if we can find anything that could cheer you up.

777 Live

777 Live Casino section on the 777 website seems the most vibrant of all. The four most popular table games are all available live here. They are Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack. There is also a Live Dream Catcher section under the ‘Selected Live Casino Games’ segment of the website. Then there are the interesting variants of the four standard table games mentioned above. Some examples are Immersive Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Infinite Blackjack, or Opal Blackjack.

777 live

You can also find some other interesting table games which are not so well known, but very interesting, nonetheless. Some of these names are Monopoly, Hold’em, Super Sic Bo, etc. All in all, the Live casino section seemed to be one of the most interesting segments of 777. In case you are planning to sign up with 777, we are sure you will spend a lot of entertaining time on their Live Casino. This brings us to one of the most important reasons why you might want to sign up – the bonuses.

777 Live brings two bonuses: Blackjack Double Up, Hit 21 with three 7’s and they will double your winnings up to $1,000 max per round per player! But if what you like is the roulette, they also have  Lucky 7’s Roulette, play 777 exclusive 777 Live Casino Roulette table between 7 and 9 pm GMT, and no matter what number you bet on, every time the wheel hits 7, you get $7 Bonus! And if 7 comes up again in the next round, the bonus increases to $77!

777 Bonus

For new players looking for a 777 Bonus, there are two welcome sweeteners available. One is called Welcome Bonus and the other is called Welcome Package.

The Welcome Bonus gives you a FreePlay worth $200 as soon as you make your first deposit. A welcome bonus email with all the details will be immediately sent to your registered email id. You need to input the coupon code WELCOME777 at the time of registration. The welcome bonus is 100%, so it means that if you make the first deposit of $100, then you can play for $200. This FreePlay can be used in selected games in Jackpot, Blackjack, and Roulette sections.

The second one is called Welcome Package, and it uses a different promo code 1LUCKY7. On the first deposit, you immediately get $100 worth of FreePlay. What’s more, you are also eligible for more FreePlay on your next four deposits! This could be up to a maximum of $1400 in four weeks, giving you a possible total of $1500 in the first five weeks of joining 777.

In addition to these goodies on joining, there are a plethora of attractions when you continue playing. You can look forward to daily bonuses, special cashbacks, and so much more. In case you play for more than a certain quantum on 777, you also get an exclusive invite to the VIP Club of 777.

777 App

777 App is another thing which disappointed us. You will necessarily have to access 777 on your desktop. You could try using your smartphone too, but we are not too sure how responsive the website is. But there was no mention on the website of any mobile phone application. This is another area in which we hope 777 should make some progress sooner rather than later.

Is 777 Legal in India?

Any online casino’s legality for a player is defined by two things. The first is the laws of the country from where the player is from. In this aspect, there are no laws in India prohibiting online betting. So you are safe in this matter. The second thing is the law of the country of origin/incorporation of the casino. In the case of 777, we found nothing in the laws at Malta prohibiting Indian players from participating.

They do have a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods such as MasterCrad, Neteller, PayPal, Visa, EntropPay, Qiwi, WebMoney, iDebit or BankWire.

777 MGA License

777 Review

If you have read our earlier reviews, you know that we are always honest with our readers, so you know 777 Review will be as fair. If we find anything good, we will keep on shouting from the rooftops. But if we find anything bad, we will not hesitate to say it as it is. In this review of 777, we are sad to admit that we found more disappointments. For sure, the live casino had many great things on offer. The promotions on offer were comparable to the very best in this business. But other than these two strengths, nothing else seemed to be up to the mark. No casino slots, no sports betting, no app, and so on. On the whole, we would rate 777 as below average or below expectations.