Casino Carnival is a famous provider of casino and gambling in Goa. This venture is owned and managed by the famous Times Leisure LLP. The casino found its way into the heart of Goa in 2001 and for almost 18 years has flourished into a well-loved casino. The hospitality of Casino Carnival is worth an experience. Casino Carnival runs with its endeavour to provide a taste of extravagance paired with thrill. With its gradual development and evolution, the Casino Carnival is now the most exuberant Casino in Goa. Casino Carnival staunchly believes in serving the most excellent care and concern to its customer. Its dedication to quality and concern for customer satisfaction is visible in its services. Moreover, Casino Carnival tries to maintain ethical and sensitive practices which do not violate the rights and safety of the community as a whole.



Casino Carnival Goa is a lavish, state of the art casino nestled in the luxurious and classy Goa Marriot resort. The picturesque view of Marriott is what makes the casino a place of attraction. Additionally, Casino Carnival has a reputation for being the most family-oriented casino. Its staff is friendly and can encapsulate a multitude of people, which means that it is the optimal place to host family feasts. 


Casino Carnival is not only an exquisite-looking entertainment centre, but it is a wide selection of top-notch slot machines, table games and much more. The most sought after games in Casino Carnival are American Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots & Progressive Jackpots, & 5 Card Poker machine.

At Casino Carnival, there’s a vast and diverse selection of slots for everyone. Video poker and slots are highly popularised in Casino Carnival. Players can also choose from all the classic slots as well as all the new multi-line slots. The video slots range from Rs.1 to Rs.1000. Each slot houses chunky pay-outs, engaging gameplay along with progressive jackpots.

Some slots may have exciting offers on them which can be availed by everyone. But players need to make sure that they keep their “Players Club Card” handy. Along with offers, the club card also rates your play for more cashback and additional bonuses while the players run their reels in the casino.

Amongst other things, the ambience of the casino is cosy and perfect for a lively fiesta night. After which the guests can wind down in the ideal rooms of Marriott.


The Casino Carnival entry fee makes the casino accessible to all, once they pay the casino’s justifiable cost. The entry fee starts at Rs 1000 per person. Under this cost, guests can exit or enter the casino as many times as they like in a period of 24 hours. Since, the casino functions round the clock, the guests can avail as much benefit out it as they please.

When guests pay their fee of Rupees 1000, they get a chance to relish in unlimited gaming while enjoying their free chips (worth 500 rupees) along with their unlimited drinks and other snacks. This cost is much affordable compared to all these other casinos in Goa which offer similar services and gaming facilities. 

Additional information which may help the guests while they are at the Casino Carnival is that the casino demands a dress code. This dress code falls under the category of “Smart Casuals”. These rules are followed in every casino because casinos are considered a place for the elites and sophisticated. Hence, to continue the celebration of opulence, guests are advised to be dressed in formals or semi-formals. And they should avoid wearing inappropriate attires like flip-flops. They should also avoid getting dressed in shabby, dirty and unkempt clothes as that violates the dress code policy as well.


Casino Carnival packages offer all guests the chance to tailor their Casino Carnival experience. The accommodations are, of course, settled in the Marriott resort of Goa (Panjim) and hence, the guests can expect nothing less than absolute comfort and royalty in their stay.

Amongst all the packages, the following package is the most economical, beneficial and cost-effective.  This package is valid for either single or double occupancy. The rates are also assigned to keeping the number of people in mind. The minimum stay the guest(s) can make in the resort is three nights and four days. Know that the cost is not inclusive of taxes, and hence additional tax will be levied.

In the given package, the guest(s) will get to enjoy a free breakfast buffet which will be set up at the waterfront Terrace. Guests will be able to dip into the serenity of Goa’s skyline while enjoying their delectable food. Apart from the free breakfast buffet, every other food, beverage and room service will be charged for. But, the guests under this package will get a whopping 20% off on all the charged services.

The Marriott resort houses a very calming and beautiful Spa and wellness centre. This spa is otherwise charged for, but for package holders, there is a discount of 20%. There is also 20% off on the laundry service. The guests will also be given free pick up and drop service, which goes to and fro from the airport/train station and the hotel.

Along with the fee of the package, if the guests want to add another adult in their package, then they can do that with a cost of Rs. 1500/- + tax per night. The additional guest will also be given the enjoyment of a complimentary breakfast buffet.

Any extra child that requires staying at the hotel will get a complimentary room. The kid will also be able to enjoy a hefty discount of 50% on the breakfast buffet. This package takes care of every little detail, and as mentioned, it is highly family-oriented. Thus, it is very cost-efficient. The services that are complementary in the package will be delivered with sincerity, quality, and diligence.