Big Daddy casino is one of the newer offshore casinos in Goa, as it opened in May 2019. Big Daddy has described itself as one of the largest, the most appealing and desirable casinos in Goa. It is loaded with games, has luxury touch and countless opportunities. Today, we will take a closer look at the casino and all it has to offer.



Big Daddy casino Goa is located in on the shores of Mandovi River in Goa. It is a massive establishment with all supported games, both international and the ones native to India in general. The casino itself is a mixture of old and new. You can see traditional design and architecture, but on the other side, we have the latest gadgets and all-new machines. All of them are added to one purpose only. They are added to make your experience so much better.

big daddy Casino Boat

Big Daddy casino has millions of visitors every single year due to all the benefits mentioned above it has to offer. If you are travelling to this corner of the globe, you will need to visit the place and see for yourself why it is so special. It is unlikely you will ever see anything similar.


There is direct Big Daddy Casino goa entry fee, but there are packages, which you will need to select before you can attend the casino. The first package is Daytime deal, and it will cost you INR 2000. But, you get INR 1000 OTPC. This includes free beverages branded by the company and in unlimited amounts.

The entry fee is standard for casinos located in Goa, and it is more affordable than usual. We can add that this is another benefit you can get as soon as you visit the casino in question. Don’t forget that there are additional packages which can be purchased at a specific time, which we will go into further detail later.


Big Daddy casino owner is Gopal Kanda. This is one of the most respected politicians in the country and well0-known for its efforts to make gambling and accommodations stand out from the crowd. As you may already know the same man is responsible for several hotels, resorts and casinos located in Goa.


Which Big Daddy Casino packages should you choose? The first one is a daytime package; hence, you can realize when it is available. The daytime package costs INR 2000 with INR 1000 in OTPC. This is the entry-level package. The next one is a weekly package. In which there are two available options. The first one is between Monday and Thursday, and it will cost you INR 2500 with INR 1500 in OTPC. The second version is between Friday and Sunday, and it cost INR 3500 with INR 2500 in OTPC. This package includes free food and beverages.

Big Daddy Casino Packages

Premium packages include Monday-Thursday which cost INR 3500 and with 2500 in OTPC. The second alternative is a package between Friday and Sunday, and it cost INR 4500 with INR 3500 in OTPC. The packages include food, beverages, and live entertainment.

The VIP package is available all the time, and it cost INR 7000. Keep in mind that you will get INR 4500 in OTPC.

Now we want to present you couple packages. The first one is standard, and there are two variations. The first one is between Monday and Thursday, which cost INR 5000 and INR 3500 is reserved for OTPC. The more expensive variation will cost you INR 7000, and INR 5500 is reserved for OTPC. Weekly packages for the couple also come in the premium version. Once again, we can see two available sub-packages. The first one is between Monday and Thursday, and it will cost you INR 7000 while INR 5500 is OTPC. The second variation (Friday-Sunday) will cost you INR 9000, and INR 7500 is OTPC.

Big Daddy Casino Packages

There are some exciting packages available for younger visitors. The one we liked is the youth package for children between 18 and 21 years of age. It cost INR 1500 per patron. The kid’s package is available as well, and it applies to children between 8 and 18 years of age. The cost is INR 1000 per child.

For those who like poker, there is poker package. You can choose between Monday-Thursday package which cost INR 2500 or Friday-Sunday which cost INR 3500. There is also a poker couple package, and you can enjoy poker with your loved one. The cost is INR 5000 or INR 7000 per person. The differences are in the games and your visit time.

The Big Daddy Casino offers group packages that can be specially customized for you and your friends. However, you will need to call the casino, and they will tell you the best price. It is generally the best option when going with your friends.


The Big Daddy casino games offer a variety of options for its guests. Let’s start with Baccarat and Roulette. Both games and several variations are available at any given moment. Then there is poker. You can choose between 3 and 5 card version of the game. Texas Hold’em is available as well. Blackjack is offered all the time, and you can select the game you like the most. Mini flush should be mentioned here as well. Casino wars is an appealing option, or better said a mixture of the games. If you know already, all of these games are international casino games, and they can be found in all casinos across the world. Luckily for some of you, Big Daddy casino has Indian casino games as well.

Big Daddy Casino Games

Indian games start with Andar Bahar one of the oldest and the most popular games in this corner of the Earth. Rummy and Indian Flush are also available. Mang Patta is one of the more popular games here, and the casino is proud of being able to offer it to all the gamblers and players from India and other countries. Don’t forget about Rashi Wheel, another game available.