Casinos are a hub of entertainment, which bring in grounds of people to wager their money with a chance to win big. The main attraction when attending any casino is the adrenaline thumping feeling you garner when gambling. Although, some may argue that going to a casino is more than gambling and actually about the sense of occasion. With more lavish casinos requiring a strict dress code of high-quality garments. Despite this, there are many options when it comes to less formal casinos, where you can gamble in casual attire. The tuxedos and expensive dresses resonate to glitz and glamour of high rollers in Monaco, or Las Vegas where looking good is almost as important as winning big.

The most popular casino games internationally are the likes of blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker games. However, you will see many different casino games depending on what country you are in. For example, in India, a highly popular game known as Indian Flush (Teen Patti), is arguably more popular than your standard games such as roulette or blackjack.


Finding the right casino in India requires trial and error on occasion. When finding a casino in India, everyone has different expectations and are looking for certain things that others aren’t. With there being both offshore and onshore casinos in India, gamblers are spoilt for choice. The biggest issue a casino enthusiast will come across in India is the lack of legal places to gamble. In India, there are only three places which are deemed as legitimate places to gamble, Goa, Sikkim and Daman.


Goa casino has to be the most sought-after casinos in India. Thanks to Goa being one of the few cities to which casino can operate, and a beautiful place with its long beaches and never-ending horizon.  You’ll find plenty of hotels with casinos inside of them, such as Zuri Goa which is a hotel set on an incredible beach and with an excellent casino inside.


Finding the best casinos in Goa can sometimes prove to be an ordeal, as you soon come to the realisation, the same company owns the top tier casinos. The Deltin Group have a vast and diverse portfolio of casinos in India, with their casinos being both offshore and onshore based. The Deltin group also hold host to the biggest and most luxurious casino in India, which is based in Goa and called the Deltin Royale. The Deltin Royale holds host to bundle of unique features which no other casino in India have, such as a dedicated Royale poker room. Other than the casinos in Goa that come from Deltin Group, there is also the Casino Pride Group who have their fair share of their best casinos in Goa. The likes of Casino Pride, Casino Palms and Casino Paradise have all first-class casinos teamed with 5-star service and amenities. However, when there is lack of competition at the top of the casino industry in Goa. With less competition, there is less reason for them to improve and excel in their existing services. 


Casinos in Goa come in different shapes and form. Goa has the best of both worlds when it comes to its diverse selection of casinos, whether you want to be entertained in the dynamic hustle and bustle in a casino based in the heart of Goa. Or, the calm relaxing nature of the casinos based by the coast or on a boat Goa has it all. The off-shore casino does give you an air of James Bond, which of no surprise considering one James Bond film, Casino Royale, recorded a few scenes in Goa.


Top Casinos in Goa don’t just provide the entertainment of a casino but luxury accommodation of a five-star hotel. Goa is just one three states in India which can actually have legal casinos, as long as the casino is based within a five-star hotel or on an offshore vessel. With an excellent location that Goa is, it has enabled companies such as the Deltin Group to create both formats of these types of casinos. The Deltin Group casinos in goa are the top casinos around, although they have strong competition from the Pride Group. Their Deltin Royale and Deltin Jaqk casino seem to take the edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entry fee of casino in Goa? 

The entry fee of casino in Goa varies depending on the casino and on the day of the week. It goes from INR2,000 per person Monday to Thursday, and INR3,000 Friday to Sunday.

How do I book Deltin Royale casino?       

To book Deltin Royale casino all you need to do is to click on “Tariffs” on its website menu. There you will find all packages, for both, under age and 21+.

Which is better Deltin Royale or Deltin JAQK?

Both casinos, Deltin Royale and Deltin JAQK are cruises. Deltin JAQK is the older brother, with an entry fee of INR1500 per person which includes a gaming chip. Delito Royale is newer and a bit high-end, with an entry fee of INR2000 per person and it doesn’t include anything.

Are casinos is legal in Goa?

Yes, casinos are legal in Goa. The Government pays close attention to all these casinos, as they affect the tourism and the economy of the state directly.

What are some of the best and cheap casinos in Goa? What should be the attire?

Maharajah Casino by Big Daddy ranks the lowest, starting with INR1,000 daytime deals, that include 1,000 one time play chips and unlimited alcohol drinks. It is followed by Casino Pride and Deltin Jaqk, with an entry fee of INR1,500 and INR2,000. They don’t have any specific requirements attire-wise.

Which is the newest casino in Goa?

Casino Pride 2 is one of the newest casinos, as well as one if the latest offshore casinos in Goa.

What do Goa Casinos contribute to the government?

Goa Casinos contribute on the economy of the state; around ₹300 crore to the state coffers in licence fees and around ₹90 crore per year as State GST. Goa Casino also helps promoting tourism.

Are casinos in Goa currently open despite Covid?

Yes, they are. Casinos in Goa only re-opened in November 2020, always following Covid-19 restriction and with 50% capacity.

What is a casino all inclusive package?

A all inclusive package at a casino in Goa normally includes gaming offers, live entertainment, unlimited food and unlimited drinks.

How do I fly to Goa from Delhi or Mumbai?

The fastest way to get to Goa is to fly to Goa International Airport. It takes 2h 25m from Delhi and 1h 20min from Mumbai.