Casino Palms is settled in the heart of Goa, surrounded by the calm yet high waves of Baga beach. Goa is the only Indian state where playing casino is legal, and hence it is the hub of all things casino. The Casino Palms is a part of the Goa’s most famous Casino Pride Group. Casino Palms can easily be called the most spacious onshore casino in the region of northern Goa. Amongst all the competitors who have set up their tents in Goa, the Casino Palms shines through. This is because; Casino Palms offers a taste of luxury for the masses at a very reasonable charge. Casino Pride Group has been the frontrunner of Casino groups from the past decade. The Group itself has a multitude of branches. Casino Palms also succeeds the reputation of Casino Pride Group with its excellence and sheer entertainment. Discover royalty and class amid a gorgeous beach of Goa.



Casino Palms Goa offers a different perspective on what a casino should be. Casinos are usually known to be very fun-filled places which are busted with the pace of gaming, getting rich and enjoying the touch of opulence. However, Casino Palms is much more than a place of thrills. It is surrounded by the ever-awake Baga Beach, which makes the entire experience nothing short of a peaceful haven.

la calypso hotel Goa

Casino Palms is a place where you can enjoy a selection of games with the latest technology. Some of the games that you will surely reach out for are Roulette, Baccarat, Mini Flush, Tai Sai Blackjack, and the best of the Slot Machines. However, the relaxation of waves will act as food for your mind and soul. This is the reason why Casino Palms is the go-to spot for amateur as well as for more seasoned gamblers.

Besides its outstanding views, Casino Palms offers delectable cuisines. The people who come here for enjoyment will get to relish in the large variety of food selection ranging from soups, salads, starters, savouries, drinks, desserts and much more. Amongst all these food options, Drinks and appetizers are especially impressive as they pair really well the casino’s in-house music and of course the different slot machines and other games.

So when you come here, best believe that your sun-kissed skin and your enriched mind will shine through all those holiday snaps.


Casino Palms entry fee is very reasonable given the several amenities that the resort and the casino offers. Moreover, as compared to other casinos, Casino Palms has a higher appeal because of its justifiable cost.

The basic fee is placed at INR 1000. In this cost, the guests not only get to have access to the best in class tables, machines, and games but a scrumptious unlimited buffet. This buffet houses a broad array of food options and multi-cuisine dishes.

The drinks as well are unlimited and are complemented by tasty snacks, which as you may have guessed are on the house.

This fee is valid for 24 hours, whereby the visitors can exit or enter the casino anytime. Guests will find their money well spent once they are treated with the hospitality of Casino Pride Group.


The Palms Casino Resort is perfectly placed in the ambit of the famous onshore hotel of Goa – La Calypso Hotel. The location of the hotel couldn’t be better. It is right in the middle of Sinquerium Beach (8 km distance) and Fort Aguada (11 km distance). 

La Calypso baga beach

The fact that La Calypso Hotel is at the tourist’s paradise Baga beach makes it that more special and tasteful. The décor of the hotel resembles a sacred oasis which exudes serenity and calmness. The peaceful theme is carried in every room of the hotel. This makes more sense because, after a hectic session of gambling, guests will have a chance to wind-down and indulge in the aesthetics of the hotel.

Apart from that, the amenities of the hotel include complimentary breakfast, outdoor pool, fitness centre, spa, sauna, outdoor bar and much more. The hotel is equipped with everything to make the vacation experience of guests profoundly enriched.

Another useful feature of the hotel is that it caters to the travelling jet setter with its super deluxe rooms. These rooms feature a view of the sea to give the guests an authentic experience of Goa.

So when you stoked with your casino winnings, go skinny dipping with your family and friends and bask in the orange sky.


The Casino Palms Goa dress code reflects the extravagance and lavishness of Casino Palms. Hence, going to the casino is equivalent to going to a gala. Therefore, you have to be dressed for the occasions. Casinos are usually pretty strict about their dress code policy. Similarly, Casino Palms invites its guests in a dress code of “smart casuals”. This means that guests have to be dressed appropriately and omit wearing things like shorts, flip-flops, and sleeveless shirts. It is advisable if guests adorn formals or semi-formals because nothing screams class like a suede coat and shiny black shoes.


Casino Palms Goa packages come in a variety of ways, with the packages designed to appeal to the different needs for guests at Casino Palms. Amongst these packages, the most optimal yet fancy is the Platinum Package. Under this package, the guests can avail the services in a pair of two. It offers 2-night stays and 3 days in a standard AC room of the La Calypso Hotel. It also provides a breakfast buffet amongst other services.

Under the platinum package, the pair gets a free entry to the casino for both the nights they are staying at the hotel. When at the casino, the couple can avail unlimited alcohol (house brand) and snacks. Buffet lunch and dinner are also included in the package.

The transportation cost to and fro from Hotel to Casino will be borne by the package for once a day. Apart from that, all the taxes will be inclusive in the cost levied. Any additional guest will be charged INR 3,000 per night.

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