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Golden Nyph Game Reviews

Golden Glyph features a 7×7 grid along with a set of extras that will complement it perfectly. Bettors will also witness Power Wilds at one of the empty positions on the reels soon after a cluster win. There will be 4 separate Power-Up modifiers in the slot. During the beginning of each spin, five Power-Ups will be selected arbitrarily and showed at the golden wheel at the left side of the grid. And, the 5th will consistently remain the Free Spins Power Up. Meanwhile, when a winning cluster includes a Power Wild, it will be charging these Power-Ups in a consecutive manner until Free Spins are activated.

The RTP is set at 96.84. The minimum bet begins from € 0.25 and the maximum bet is € 100. The reel layout remains 5×3.

Discussed below are the game events that you must know before playing the slot:

Tumble Mechanics

The Tumble Mechanics are available in both the base game and the Free Spins Bonus! Any symbols that are a part of a winning cluster will be removed, and the empty positions fill up with new symbols that come falling down from above.

Any new wins will be added to the existing win. The tumbling ends when there are no new winning clusters.

Power Wild

The Power Wild feature is available in both the base game and the Free Spins Bonus! After the winning symbol clusters have been removed and before the tumbling, a Power Wild will be awarded in one of the empty positions on the reels.

At most, one Power Wild will be awarded per tumble. A Power Wild is evaluated and removed as a Wild, and an additional Power-Up will be activated for each Power Wild that’s removed.

If the Free Spin Bonus Power-Up is activated, all unused Power Wilds will be turned into Wilds. No additional Power Wilds will be awarded during the remaining tumbles for that spin.

Power-Up feature

The Power-Ups will be activated when you get a Power Wild win! This game has 4 Power-Ups: Golden Scarab, Eye of Horus, Blaze of fire, plus the Free Spins Bonus Power-Up.

At the beginning of each spin, 5 Power-Ups are randomly determined on the golden wheel. The last Power-Up is always the Free Spins Bonus Power-Up, and the remaining four are randomly awarded from the other Power-Ups (Golden Scarab, Eye of Horus, Blaze of fire).

Power-Ups are charged up for each Power Wild that’s consumed as part of a win. When there’s a non-winning screen, charged up Power-Ups will be executed and activated in the order they were charged up. Any charged up Power-Ups will be activated.

Golden Scarab Power-Up

The Golden Scarab spreads Wilds on the reels! This Power-Up spawns 4-10 randomly placed Wilds in the game area, which is followed by a win evaluation.

Eye of Horus Power-Up

The Eye of Horus removes low paying symbols! This Power-Up targets one randomly selected low paying symbol and removes all occurrences of that symbol in the game area, followed by a tumble and a win evaluation. Each removed symbol will award 1/20 of your current bet.

Blaze of Fire Power-Up

The Blaze of Fire burns all normal symbols that gets in its way! This Power-Up is summoned in a random location, and then removes all normal symbols in both the row and the column. Each removed symbol will award 1/20 of your current bet.

The Wild, Power Wild, and Golden Glyph Wild symbols will not be removed by the Blaze of Fire.

Free Spins Bonus 

When the Free Spins Bonus is activated in the base game, you will get 9 free spins! You will also get an additional 3 free spins every time it’s activated inside the Free Spins Bonus.

During the first free spin, the special Golden Glyph Wild symbol will be placed in a random location. This symbol is your chance to win BIG – if you manage to level up the Golden Glyph Wild all the way to x99, you can win a whopping 13,000 x your bet!

The awarded Golden Glyph Wild and the indicated multiplier will carry over to the next free spin until the Free Spins Bonus ends. With each free spin, the Golden Glyph Wild will move randomly to a new location on the reels. The Golden Glyph Wild does not tumble, and it’s not removed after a win evaluation.

What do we like about Golden Glyph?

Quickspin has managed to blend the appropriate elements to produce one of the best Egyptian themed video slots. The cluster pay system works decently in particular with the 7×7 layout. You will certainly like the appearance of Golden Glyph. The absolutely captivating game will make playing full of fun. And, the addition of Power Wild after a win is also a great concept. The maximum win has been capped at 13000x your bet. It has been packed with several intriguing features.

What do we dislike about Golden Glyph?

The thing that may cause boredom to bettors is the common theme that you will witness in Golden Glyph. Additionally, you may find it to be a herculean task to enhance the multiplier to the maximum. It does not offer a decent payout.