Deltin Jaqk is another successful establishment of the Delta Corp. When Casino Royale and Horseshoe were brought to Goa, they were both renamed. Deltin Royale was the name given to Horseshoe, and Deltin Jaqk was given to Casino Royale. Over the years, their existence has entirely redefined the gambling industry in India. It is yet another fantastic off-shore casino anchored beside Delta Corp.’s other gem. Delta Jaqk is a paradise for any gambling lover. May it be the best games, the best ambience, the best food, and all that can be thought of is here under one single roof. 



Deltin Jaqk Goa is found floating on the Mandovi River in the Panjim area of Goa. The Deltin Jaqk vessel is anchored at a place which has now become the trendiest place of the region. The Deltin Jaqk is not just designed for casino lovers, as you will often see many families coming aboard to have an excellent experience. 

Deltin Jaqk boat

Apart from the casino games that are found on the floating casino, there are various activities for kids to get themselves involved in. While the adults play the casino games, the kids have an entire room filled with some exciting games and activities to enjoy. In addition to this, there are some drool-worthy cuisines and drinks that are available for gobbling up. There is an ATM onboard itself for quick and secure transactions. Deltin Jaqk even has a helipad, shuttle service from the suites, and also speedy feeder boats. Thus, all that the casino aims at is giving the visitor the time of his life. 


The Deltin Jaqk entry fee that you have to pay upon entering is no less than INR1500. Within this entry ticket, you get coins worth INR500 to play with. This gives entry to one person only. There is a more reasonable and better way to enter the casino. You can achieve this via the packages on offer. The packages provide an overall experience with the inclusion of food and beverages. You can choose the package you need after understanding what they offer and how much they cost. These packages start from INR 2000 per person and go up as the facilities increase depending upon the package you choose. 


The Deltin Jaqk owner is the well-known casino group Delta Corp. Ltd. They have established their name with the experiences and services that no other competitor has managed to give. Their games, hotels, resorts, casinos, etc. Have completely redefined and redesigned the entire structure of the hospitality industry. Setting the standard for all casino in Goa. 

Deltin Group


Although the parent company of both the casinos is more or less the same, Deltin Jaqk vs Deltin Royale is query commonly posed. These differences don’t make one better than the other, but both undoubtedly promise to give the visitors the best possible experience of the casino. 

The first significant difference between Deltin Jaqk and Deltin Royale is that the latter one is Asia’s largest off-shore casino. This automatically makes the prior casino smaller than the latter one. Another difference is the entry fee of the two casinos. The amount that is to be paid at Delta Royale is comparatively higher than that at Deltin Jaqk. This makes Deltin Jaqk more affordable. There is one more minor differential point between the two. The drinks and food are served to the visitors for free until 1 AM at the Deltin Royale whereas till midnight at Deltin Jaqk. 

Thus, the two don’t have any significant differences between the two and are one of the top casinos of the nation for sure. 


The Deltin Jaqk packages provide a more holistic experience of Deltin Jaqk. Deltin Jaqk offers different packages that a player can opt for before entering the casino. The details of the packages provided are as follows:

·     Regular Package: The package starts from INR2000 in which players are given playing coins worth INR1500. This is valid on weekdays only and includes unlimited food and drinks till midnight along with live entertainment, of course. There is a special offer available for Tuesday where a package of INR2000 can be taken and coins worth INR2000 are given to play with it. The weekend package, on the other hand, is for INR3000 and has coins worth INR2500. 

·     Premium Package: The premium package offers something extra to the players. It provides unlimited snacks, multi-cuisine buffet, premium drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), live entertainment, and playing coins. The package can be availed for INR3000 on weekdays and 4000 on weekends. On Tuesday, a special price is offered where 3000 OTPC is given on the purchase of INR3000 premium package.

Deltin Jaqk Packages

·     VIP Package: This is an all-day package which is worth INR5000. In this package, the OTPC is equivalent to the amount of the package, i.e., 5000. Other inclusions are unlimited food and snacks. Along with this, there are a premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for consumption. Live entertainment is also a part of the package. 

·     Ladies Package: There is a special package for all those amazing ladies out there. The weekday package for ladies start at INR1500 and the weekend package is INR2000. The OTPC for the prior package is 1000, and the latter one is 1500. On Tuesday, there is a special offer with a package of INR1500 the ladies get 1500 OTPC. 


With a wide variety of Deltin Jaqk casino games being played on the deck, there is one game that attracts the maximum attention. It is no other than Teen Patti (Indian Flush). At Deltin Jaqk the players also get a chance to be a part of the top tournaments. Despite a player’s experience in the gambling industry, the casino has a wide range of games for them to be a part of. 

Deltin Jaqk Blackjack

There are a total of 350 gaming positions offered by Deltin Jaqk. The games available apart from Indian flush include Poker, American Roulette, Slot Machines, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Casino War. There is a lot up for grabs at Deltin Jaqk Goa undoubtedly. The experiences acquired by the visitors at this place definitely remain with them throughout their lives.